About Us

Welcome to Prem Sagar Academy

Prem Sagar Academy is a platform for all who want to learn and who want to help others with their knowledge. Knowledge is the best weapon, that all should have. We act as a quality interface between students/parents and teachers to help their requirements. We have been in the business of providing top home tutors to students for 10+ years and are now a leader among Tuition Service providers.

We strongly believe that every child is unique and has distinctive qualities; we work together to support and help our students and their parents along with the support of our best teacher to enhance their individuality. We are competent enough to be able to recognize the unique needs of each of our students focus on chalking out solutions to overcome the challenges faced by them. We organize a schedule with the best-in-class resolution so that each child can connect to its capacity and discover the abilities and hence perform better.



Our mission at Prem Sagar Academy is to provide the best home tutors, online teachers, guidance, information and counselling to the students for their academic career growth to serve the nation.


Our vision is to empower and help students with the relevant information and proper knowledge related to their subjects and courses through our LMS (Learning Management System) and Perfect Tutors’ faculty. It will help them to make a hurdle-free path while studying for their dream educational career and alma mater. We are always there to help students get to one of the top ranks in their academic careers at each stage of their studies.

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